Proactively monitor your business application availability

Scoutbees by ControlUp is a managed service that monitors the availability of your Citrix Virtual Apps\Virtual Desktops, Citrix Cloud, VMware Horizon or VMware Horizon Cloud published resources and notifies you in advance about any issue

Get notified of availability issues before your users notify you

We’ve all experienced this – it’s 8:00 am on Monday in the London office and no one can open their remotely delivered workspace. Even worse – it’s been like that since Friday night and no one noticed

Continuous testing
Multiple locations
Fully managed

Get in-depth analysis about the connection process

Each scout collects in-depth connection data so you can fix issues fast

In-depth information

See how long it took to complete each connection step

Historical data

Note connection trends and inconsistencies

An inside look

See what happened inside the tested published resource over time

Simple, transparent pricing

Always know what you'll pay


Start small and get to know the service

$0 / mo
  • 1 scout initiated hourly
  • 24 hours' history
  • Single user
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You're totally fine with just the essentials

$99 / mo
  • 4 scouts initiated hourly
  • Choose hive location
  • 7 days' history
  • Alerts
  • Up to 2 users
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Get the full power of the bees

$199 / mo
  • 10 scouts
  • Choose the best time interval
  • 14 days' history
  • Alerts
  • Up to 5 users
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The “you can’t live without it” plan

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  • Unlimited scouts
  • Choose the best time interval
  • 30 days' history
  • Alerts
  • Up to 20 users
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Do I need to install something on premises?

No, you don’t! The service is fully managed, scouts are initiated from our cloud-based runners (we call them Bee Hives) which are deployed around the globe.

What is the test process?

Each scout logs into the gateway and connects to the desired published resource. Once logged in, the worker waits and then makes graceful logoff.

How you connect to published resources?

The same as any other remote user. Our scouts connect to the published resources through your Citrix NetScaler Gateway, Citrix Cloud Gateway, or VMware UAG.

Are there any prerequisites?

There is only one. Resources need to be accessible through a Citrix Netscaler Gateway, Citrix Cloud Gateway, or VMware UAG with HTML Access enabled. Without 2FA on the gateway authentication.

Where are the Bee Hives located? Can scouts run from my internal network?

Currently, Bee Hives are in two locations around the world. On-prem Bee Hives are coming soon!