Proactively Monitor Your Business App Availability

Scoutbees by ControlUp is a SaaS Application that monitors the availability of your EUC
published resources and notifies you in advance about any issue

Why Scoutbees?

Continuous Testing

We’ve all experienced this: it’s 8:00 am on Monday in the London office and no one can open their remotely delivered workspace. Even worse – it’s been like that since Friday night and no one noticed. With Scoutbees by ControlUp, that is a thing of the past.
Scoutbees tests run proactively and continuously based on user-defined intervals. You can choose from 5m, 15m, 30m or 1h intervals to initiate the tests

Fully Managed

Scoutbees is a SaaS Application—you don’t need to install anything for cloud-based tests or install a service to allow you to test your internal resources or to run tests from custom locations

Multiple Locations

Set tests to run from a cloud-based location (managed by us) or install the Custom Hive component in any location (e.g. branches, internal networks, VPCs, and so on) to test connections to internal resources (e.g. through internal Citrix Storefront)

In-Depth Information

Scoutbees doesn’t just test resources’ availability; it can provide you with valuable insights about the health of connection flow and the environment on the whole (e.g. login times, network latency, brokers, etc.)


Scoutbees offers the most extensive visibility of the health of your most critical applications

In-Depth Information

Each scout collects in-depth connection data, 
so you can fix issues fast

Historical Data

Note connection trends and inconsistencies

An inside look

See what happened inside the tested published resource

Simple, Transparent Pricing


Start small and get to know the service

  • 1 Scout initiated hourly
  • Cloud Hives
  • 24 hours history

Just the essentials

  • 4 Scouts
  • 1 Custom Hive locations
  • Cloud Hives
  • 3 days history
  • Simple Alerts
  • 30m or 1h test intervals

Get the full buzz of the bees

  • 10 Scouts
  • 4 Custom Hive locations
  • Cloud Hives
  • 30 days history
  • Proactive Alerts
  • 15m, 30m or 1h test intervals

The Queen Bee plan

  • 50 Scouts
  • 20 Custom Hive locations
  • Cloud Hives
  • 1 year history
  • Proactive alerts
  • 5m, 15m, 30m or 1h test intervals

Frequently Asked

Do I need to install something on premises?

If you want to run tests from our cloud-based location, no, you don’t! The service is fully managed and scouts are initiated from our cloud-based runners—we call them Bee Hives—which are deployed around the globe.You need only install a small Windows service (Custom Hive) on any desired machine to test internal resources.


What is the test process?

Each Scout logs into the gateway and connects to the desired published resource. Once logged in, the worker collects the enrichment data (e.g. login time, ICA RTT, and information about the underlying EUC platform for internal testing with Custom Hives) waits and then makes a graceful logoff.


How do you connect to published resources?

The same way you’d connect to any other remote user. Scoutbees Scouts connect to published resources through your Citrix Gateway, Citrix Cloud Gateway, or VMware UAG for cloud-based tests. Also connect via Citrix StoreFront and VMware Horizon Connection Server for internal resources testings with Custom Hives.


Are there any prerequisites?

For cloud-based testing or tests of public-facing gateways, resources need to be accessible through a Citrix Gateway, Citrix Cloud Gateway, or VMware UAG with HTML access enabled. If your gateway is configured with two-factor authentication, the OTP code needs to be provided in a single-step method (we support both static and TOTP codes. Read more). For testing of internal resources with Custom Hives, resources must be available through Citrix Storefront or VMware Horizon Connection Server with HTML access enabled.


Where are the Bee Hives located? Can Scouts run from my internal network?

Currently, our Bee Hives are located in two locations globally. Custom Hive components can be installed in any location (e.g. branches, internal networks, VPCs, etc.) to test connections to and from internal resources.


Proactively Monitor Your Business App Availability